Empty Tables

The specters will retreat;
They must. Leave me alone!
I never understood you,
Your cause, your lives, or my own.

I must try to be calm.
They will leave; they must go.
The ghosts of the past depart,
And finally, I am alone.
I know not what to say.
Come back in living form!
Friendship gone, the earth is cold.
Please come back and make it warm.

Phantom shadows scare me.
The real ones I adore.
Return to me, my brothers.
Please, my god, I implore.

No more faceless shadows.
No more black, haunted eyes.
My friends, either live or go;
Your presence here speaks only lies.

I cannot understand.
Your deaths were all in vain.
Dear god, let me out of here.
It cleanses not, this great pain.

I shout; I weep. Who hears?
They stare. That's all they do.
Living and dead, they just stare,
As if they know I died, too.

I do not want this life.
No more is it my own.
I live with them, their dead dreams.
And again, I am alone.


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