Please be advised that the work below is intended for adult audiences. I prefer not to apply ratings to my work, or to give warnings that I believe would spoil the story for a new reader. I warn for explicit sex, but not for graphic violence or for language. If your maturity level is under 18 years of age, I would suggest not reading any explicitly labeled sexual short prose or the epics in progress on this site.

Born in Darkness and in Sin
Javert suicide poetry.

The Dark Ones
Sharpe. Wellington himself said of his army, conscripted from the dregs of society, “They put the fear of god into me.”

The Deserted Barricade
Les Misérables. Written for Barricade Day 1998.

Empty Tables
Les Misérables. Marius mourning. The first line is taken from Killing Rasputin.

To Love Is to Hate
Les Misérables. Bitter Éponine. The first and last lines come from the song of the same title from Killing Rasputin.

La Seine Takes What She Is Given
LesMisérables. More Javert suicide poetry. A bit more modern and experimental than the first.

What Have They Done?
Les Misérables. A parody of “Valjean’s Soliloquy” written in response to the cuts made to the Broadway production in December 2000.
The phrase “Empty Chairs on crack” comes from Heather, a regular at the Rue Plumet message board, and refers to the period in which Marius cried out “Empty Chairs” to Cosette while Valjean entered among the students in order to entirely remove the “Every Day” sequence. (I wish I were making this up.)


All Our Fatherland's Great Houses
New Amsterdam. In the seventeenth century, the Low Countries hosted the richest populace in Europe. The van der Zees were lucky to be Dutch.

All That’s Best of Dark and Bright
Arcadia. Act II, Scene 7: “I told him you kissed me. But he will not tell.” The hermitage has replaced the gazebo in more ways than one. Written for Yuletide 2009.

Arrows of Desire
Cambridge Spies. Kim Philby will do anything to bring about the New Jerusalem. Anything at all. Kim/Anthony, explicit sexual scenes. Written as a New Year’s Resolution for Yuletide 2007.

Bal Musette
Les Misérables/La Bohème crossover. “Surviving the cholera had been - still was - a miracle. How could her boys have died in what did not even amount to a revolt?” Moving on is not often the choice we want to make but the one made for us, the required changing of partners in the dance of life.

Be Near Me When My Light Is Low
Les Misérables. AU for Corner of the Sky/The Blood of the Martyrs universe. “The stone had collapsed and sought the flexibility of the willow to prop him up again. Scaffolding was everywhere else in Paris, so why not in the broken Parisian soul?” Combeferre/Feuilly, contains spoilers for Corner of the Sky, Chapters 14-16. Please see Author’s Note.

Blame It on the Summer Night
Les Misérables. Courfeyrac muses on the beginnings of a friendship.

Bridge of Dreams
Dracula prequel. Arthur Holmwood has a favour to ask Jack Seward before they go off to university. Mild slash.

New Amsterdam. John writes to Lily. War itself may not change, but the details are forever new.

Closer than Ever
Dracula prequel. Sequel to “Bridge of Dreams”. “So you will come to Ring.” Jack obliges Arthur with one last, highly amorous, visit home before they go off to university.

New Amsterdam/Aubrey-Maturin crossover. Stephen Maturin meets a curious sailor in the South Atlantic. Mild spoilers for Patrick O’Brian’s The Fortune of War and AU for New Amsterdam Episode 4, “Honor”.

Curse of Erised
Harry Potter. Some additional history of Severus Snape. Angst of the highest order, because what else can you expect from Snape background fic? Contains some graphic references and Prisoner of Azkaban spoilers. (written well before Half-Blood Prince and Deathly Hallows completely jossed this interpretation.)

Les Misérables/La Bohème crossover. Grantaire recalls his ill-advised relationship with Thierry Courfeyrac, from a beginning rooted in a common set of friendships to the deplorable ending in unrequited desire for another man. Written for the Frenchboys Mix-n-Match challenge.

An Education
Les Misérables. “I came to consciousness in your bedroom three nights ago and have been forced to watch you behave like a fumbling adolescent with your darling wife these three nights straight.” Courfeyrac’s afterlife has not been at all what he might have expected. Marius/Cosette + Courfeyrac and thus as cracky as you might expect.

The Effects of Dream Mingled with Happiness
Les Misérables. Marius/Cosette femslash. Yes, femslash. Follows on from “Enchantments and Desolations”. I only write crackfic on a dare, so please blame my lovely friends who requested it. Contains anatomical references that somehow turned out sort of hot.

Enchantments and Desolations
Les Misérables. A revisionist perspective on just how Cosette received Marius in her garden. Cosette/OFC, semi-explicit sexual scenes.

Eyes I Dare Not Meet in Dreams
Cambridge Spies. Julian Bell reflects on his relationship with Anthony Blunt as he leaves England for the Spanish Civil War. Explicit sexual scenes.

Martin Guerre, London closing version. Bertrande and the other Protestants find a night of respite on their trek north.

Hand in the River
Les Misérables. On a winter evening, Eponine contemplates love, death, and survival. Concept freely stolen from The Ballad of Little Jo.

The Heat of His Eyes
Les Misérables/Phantom of the Opera crossover. After an unhappy life in America, Azelma Thénardier returns to the city of her childhood and meets a scene shifter at the Opéra.

Holy Days of Gramarye
The Once and Future King. Wart and the other inhabitants of the Forest Sauvage anticipate the most important holiday of the year. Written for Yuletide 2007.

Dracula prequel. A hunting trip in Switzerland brings Jack Seward and Quincey Morris together for the first time.

Landscapes of Continents, and a Plain Public Road
Les Misérables. In the spring of his twelfth year, Courfeyrac is determined to have an adventure. Of course, when one is twelve, one rarely gets the adventure one bargained for.

Let My Looks Be Then the Eloquence
Les Misérables. Prequel to Be Near Me When My Light Is Low. Combeferre had been too kind, really, and now the payment had come due, a payment Feuilly was loath to make. Combeferre/Feuilly.

Love Changes Everything
Les Misérables. A mockery of the prevailing model in Les Mis slash (c. 1999), with a surprisingly sweet ending.

Mine Eye and Heart Are at a Mortal War
Les Misérables. Sequel to Let My Looks Be Then the Eloquence. A cold rainy night, a warm fire, and possibly some very good brandy conspire to open a flood of confessions Feuilly is not entirely prepared to deal with. Combeferre/Feuilly.

Les Misérables. A Javert comedy. For god’s sake, man, how many Valjeans can there be?

Nothing Like a Doll
Guys and Dolls. “The two of us, in the year before the crash, well, crashed. Sparks. Lightning. I don’t know. Maybe that was love.” Nathan Detroit explains the less public aspects of his relationship with Sky Masterson. Written for Yuletide 2005.

Rebel Heart
Les Misérables. A Jehan vignette, based on a scene from the 2001 British/Irish co-produced miniseries of the same name.

Root and Branch
New Amsterdam. Too late, Maggie finds the father she never knew. Spoilers for Episodes 2, “Golden Boy”, 3 “Soldier’s Heart”, and 6 “Legacy”.

Aubrey-Maturin. Songfic: A New Brain meets the Aubrey-Maturin series. Only I would manage to take a gay love song and apply it to a het relationship. But the lyrics fit so well! Three linked drabbles.

The Seamstress of Montreuil-sur-Mer
Les Misérables. An adaptation of Beatrix Potter’s “The Tailor of Gloucester”: Fantine receives help in her work one Christmas.

So Oft Have I Invoked Thee for My Muse
Les Misérables. Feuilly may be the artist in the group, but Combeferre has talents of his own.

Some Enchanted Evening
Les Misérables. Combeferre romance. An experiment in present tense writing begunduring the closing of the RNT South Pacific.

Sword of Time
Dracula prequel, sequel to “Closer than Ever”. “I cannot give myself completely over to you. I have my own desires, of the soul, not only of the flesh.” All is not well in the paradise of Cambridge.

Les Misérables. News of Lord Byron's death has just reached France, provoking a surprising lamentation from Bahorel.

To Be Sublime (With Interruption)
Les Misérables. There are affairs of honour and affairs of pride. Courfeyrac versus the curling iron - there can only be one champion.

To Celebrate the Need of Comrades
Les Misérables. The parliamentary elections of 1827 have very different results - in widely spaced areas - than Enjolras could have predicted. Even though he understands he should have known better. Written for the Les Mis Secret Santa 2010 exchange.

Too Much for One Heart
The Coast of Utopia. Alexander Herzen reflects on his wife’s relationship with another young woman.

The Torture They Teach
Into the Woods. Once upon a time, there were three princes . . . Written for Yuletide 2006. Mature sexual themes.

New Amsterdam. After Samantha’s disappearance, Dutch tries to throw himself into something familiar to dull the pain. Spoilers for Episodes 3, “Soldier’s Heart”, and 6, “Legacy”.

Les Misérables. Sequel to Thamus. An apology, a book, and a little enlightenment may turn an interesting encounter in a cafe into a proper friendship - if Byron can stay out of the way.

A Trance Sublime and Strange
Brideshead Revisited. The Brideshead mood takes longer to lift, and with happier consequences, than Charles had let on. Written for Yuletide 2010.

Tumbling Down
Cambridge Spies. Guy and Kim share a quiet moment alone at the country house during the Anglo-German Fellowship meeting. Written as a New Year’s Resolution for Yuletide 2005.

27 June 1848
The Coast of Utopia. “We can’t all be artists, of course, so the rest of us do the best we can at what’s our consolation, we fall short at love.” Natalie and Natasha discover the boundaries Hegel never made clear. Written for Yuletide 2008.

The Tyger
Les Misérables. Jean Prouvaire reflects on banned pleasures. Involves sexual masochism and is assuredly not the Jehan one meets in my other works. Written for Santa Frenchboys fic exchange 2002.

Les Misérables. Rose-Marie Lesgle and Clarisse Grantaire share a night of secrets, speculations, and passions. Written for the Frenchboys Mix-n-Match challenge.

What’s Wrong With This Picture? Nothing - It’s Denmark!
Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead. “The whole thing was familiar, Rosencrantz decided. And strange. Very strange. Strange-odd and strange-unfamiliar, which was strange, because something could be strange-odd and familiar, but this was strange-odd and unfamiliar. But familiar.” Something’s gone wrong this time. Maybe. If there is a “this time”. Takes place during the 2007 Shakespeare Theatre Company production of Hamlet. Written for Yuletide 2009.


The Blood of the Martyrs
Les Misérables. In 1848, events turn Charles Combeferre’s life upside-down by the unexpected return of his brother. Begun c. 2001.
In progress.

Corner of the Sky
Les Misérables. A history of Feuilly, beginning with his association with the gang later known as Patron Minette. Begun February 2002.
In progress.

Falcon in the Dive
Scarlet Pimpernel, Frank Wildhorn v. 4.0. It bears no connection at all to the series of novels by Baroness Orczy or the real Marquis de Chauvelin except by accident. “I know the gutter, and I know the stink of the street.” This is his history, how he knows the gutters so well. Inspired wholly by Aaron Paul’s performance as Chauvelin.

From Childhood’s Hour
Les Misérables. A sunny day, unanticipated freedom, and a little desperation bring two boys together in an unintended friendship that might, with imagination and a little luck, change the world. Or at least overthrow the French monarchy.

Hear Now the Tale of a Jet Black Sunrise
Les Misérables. Tragedy brings Combeferre home to Marseille, where death, grief, and a mystery have put half a lifetime’s work at risk.

The Keeper of All Mystery
Les Misérables. A bourgeois upbringing requires a thorough study of class relations, composed of many cases with long hair and petticoats, bright eyes and delicate ankles. A series of first encounters with the female sex.
In progress.

Les Amis de l’ABC
Les Misérables
. The original epic. Take eight barricade boys, add a pretty girl, and stir. Meet Marie Feuilly: not a sister, just the real thing. Warning: contains blatant Mary Sue. May be hazardous to your health. Begun spring 1998.

The Lovely Gaze Where Every Eye Doth Dwell
Les Misérables. Class is only one marker of difference as Feuilly and Enjolras attempt to find their appropriate places in society. Mild AU. Begun January 2010.
In progress.

Morning of Anguish
Les Misérables. Barricade aftermath fic, heavily based on a café role play c. spring 1999. Two soldiers take it upon themselves to notify the relatives of those slain at the barricade.

Perpetual Anticipation
Les Misérables. Some people are simply born to the wrong time period. After her father’s death, Olivie Enjolras wants nothing more than to be a doctor so that she might end suffering in a meaningful way. She never anticipated that fate would set her at the head of a revolution. Begun summer 2003, because everyone else seems to have a female Enjolras, so why not me?

The Coast of Utopia. A highly fictionalised account of the relationship between Ivan Turgenev and Nicholas Stankevich as perceived by Stankevich’s companion Varenka Bakunin. Turgenev met Stankevich in Rome in 1840, and he counted that friendship as the most important in his life until he met Varenka’s brother Michael Bakunin later that summer in Berlin. Characterizations are based on Tom Stoppard’s play and Trevor Nunn’s direction. Absolutely no research has been conducted in the perpetration of this fic.