Sword of Time

“The sword of time will pierce our skins. It doesn’t hurt when it begins, but as it works its way on in, the pain grows stronger: watch it grin.” - Mike Altman

The January day was grey and damp as the students headed back to the halls after classes. “I suppose, if you must be someone’s boy, you could do considerably worse than Holmwood.”

“I’m not his boy, Craig,” Seward said in confusion. “Arthur and I are friends.”

“I didn’t think you that naive.”

“I’m not naive.” He began to get heated. “Arthur and I were at school together. We have been friends since we were eleven years of age. I am not now, nor have I ever been, his boy.”

“Forgive me.” Craig did not sound very sorry in his apology, however. “But you know how it looks. A scholarship st