What Have They Done?

What have they done?
Sweet Jesus, what have they done?!!
Become thieves in the night?
Become dogs on the run.
They have fallen too far
And the hour’s too late
For all that remains are the cries of our hate
The cries in the dark they refuse to hear
Here where we stand at the end of fiscal year.

If there was another way to go
They ignored it twenty months ago
They’ve started a war that can never be won
At least they didn't quite murder Valjean
When they cut up and left Miz for dead
Just for a bit much overhead.

Yet why did we allow those men
To touch our souls and teach us love?
They treated us better than the others,
They gained our trust, they called us brothers,
Our lives they claimed for god above.
Can such things be?
Now we do hate the world,
These men and all their treachery.

Take an eye for an eye,
Turn your heart into stone,
This is all we shall live for,
This is all we’ll have known.

One word from them and we’d be back
Without our Empty Chairs on crack
Instead, they offer us these rewrites
I feel the pain inside me like a knife.
They seem to forget the things we know.
How can they fall?
They seemed as gods for all these years
Now it seems they’ve taken all.

I am reaching, but I fall.
And the night is closing in
As I stare into the void,
To the whirlpool of their sin.
I’ll escape now from that world,
From the world of Mack the Knife.
Jean Valjean is nothing now!
A new obsession must begin!


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