Pittsburgh Civic Light Opera - 3 July 2004


Trent Blanton
What? Yes, I drove four hours to Pittsburgh to see Trent as Rutledge. I have no defence, other than that the rest of the cast had some really great people in it. And it’s Trent. In 1776. Almost on the appropriate day, too. (The number of stage door pictures I have with Trent is more a sign of how difficult it was to get both of us looking decent in the picture than a sign of crazy obsession. Success at last!)

Bradley Dean
Lovely man, fantastic as Dickinson. Very intense. And he picks up Malcolm Gets when fighting with Adams! *g*

Malcolm Gets
Malcolm Gets (Adams). Though does he really need introduction? My god, I am in awe of the man. With him you really get to see the idealism that drives Adams. And his Adams is such an innocent in a lot of ways. He doesn’t know until Franklin tells him that he is obnoxious and disliked. He can’t quite manage to ask Martha Jefferson the simplest of pleasantries. He’s just so adorable at times.

Frank Kopyc
I just loved so much of what he did as Franklin. Even if he did tell Malcolm jokingly that I never missed an episode of his show (it does beg the question how many girls my age had a crush on Richard, especially as he was the only worthwhile character in the show, and have been accosting poor brilliant Malcolm over that).

Jacqui Piro
When I love her, I love her, and when I don’t love her, I wonder what’s wrong because she can be so utterly amazing. Her Abby was so strong and human, she absolutely stole the show every time she was on stage, and that is saying a lot considering she shared a stage with Malcolm Gets. Such a sweet woman, too. Love her dearly.

James Moye
Fantastic voice, so glad to really get to hear it this time, and not see him play a rapist. See, I have an obsession with The Ballad of Little Jo, down to telling all the cast members how much I loved the show. So much nicer to see Jim play Thomas Jefferson instead of a rapist.

Matthew Scott
Surprisingly rich voice for Courier Boy, but really beautiful and lovely and a sweetheart at the stage door, too.


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