Glory Days
Broadway - 12 April 2008 and 26 April 2008


James Gardiner and Nick Blaemire
The writers/creators of the show. It is largely a combination of Les Mis and Glory Days that I’m as friendly as I am with James, a great guy I love dearly. Regardless of one’s opinion of the show, for two guys at the age of 25 to have a show on Broadway is a major achievement, and I couldn’t be happier for them. My friend and I were just walking by Circle in the Square to see the posters/marquee when this photo shoot was going on, and James and Nick each took a moment to come over and say hello. I’ve never known Nick quite as well, since James is a regular performer at Signature Theatre in Arlington and Nick is NY-based, but Nick remembered us from a few weeks earlier at Cry Baby, and he has remembered us in the years since. Great guys, and I wish them all the success in the world.

Steven Booth and Adam Halpin
Steven was the lead, if there can be said to be a lead, and Adam was the politically-minded, level-headed sort of nerdy one, so you can imagine Adam’s character Skip was my favourite. Everyone was very close to the same age, everyone was friends, and I loved seeing that camaraderie on and off stage.


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