Jersey Boys - Chicago
19 April 2008


Craig Laurie
I doubt I can ever see another Bob Crewe without comparing him to Craig. The way he hits on Bob Gaudio, “I see it in sky blue”, and “PLAY THE FUCKING SONG!!!!” He’s just so perfect and a big reason why the show is as entertaining as it is.

Michael Ingersoll, Jarrod Spector, and Drew Gehling
Three of the Four Seasons.
Poor Nick. “When there’s four guys, and you’ Ringo . . .” I always want to give Nick a hug. Michael’s Nick is darling.
Jarrod is amazing. His ability to mimic that Frankie Valli falsetto is utterly frightening, but I really love Jarrod. His acting transitions from young Frankie singing in bars because Tommy tells him to to grown Frankie mourning his daughter are excellent.
And Drew. Because while I already had one pic with him, it was nice to get three of the four at once. (Bryan McElroy, who was playing Tommy, disappeared before we could talk to him.)

The three of us on our crazy trip to Chicago (none of us live there) and the three Boys. This show is so much better than it has any right to be, and so much fun. I never thought I’d be a Jersey Boys fan, but I am, in large part because of this cast.


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