Les Misérables - 25th Anniversary National Tour
Washington DC - 28 October 2011


Betsy Morgan
Absolutely adored Betsy in Giant at Signature Theatre three seasons before, and her Fantine is gorgeous as well. Heartfelt and beautifully sung, a sweet victim not as fragile as, say, Linda Pierson Huff, but definitely a softer Fantine. A real stand-out in this company.

J. Mark McVey
Mark is the best Valjean I thought I’d never get to see. We’re talking more than ten years of wanting to see him, and missing him the one time he did a 3NT fill-in during those years. It was absolutely worth the wait. One of the best-acted performances I have ever seen, with the sort of surprising and perfect acting choices that thrill me so much and take my breath away. Mark is so much of why I adore this show and have done for so many years.


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