Les Misérables - Third National Tour
Baltimore - 13-25 April 2004


Robert Hunt
Rob was originally with the tour in 2001 as a swing, but switched to Broadway company that spring so that Gregg Brandt could come out when his son was cast as Gavroche. I saw Rob at a couple different tour stops and only ever saw him go on as Courfeyrac. So I was happy when he was cast as Grantaire and understudy Javert after the hiatus. Rob is one of the best Javerts ever, if not the best, which is rather hard to imagine when he’s this bloody adorable at the stage door. But he is. I first saw him go on the first weekend of the Baltimore run and was utterly blown away. His Grantaire was serviceable, but his Javert was amazing. (and you can see Tewks and Karen Elliott coming out the door in the background.)

Melina Kalomas
Adore Melina. Never got to see her go on as Fantine, sadly, but she was brilliant in her ensemble role as Madeleine - she played so well with Marnie as the rag lady.

Dave Hugo
Dave is one of my favourite swings. I’ve seen lots of swings with the tour, but Dave has always had a special place in my heart. I don’t entirely know why, just that he’s awesome and I love him. And when he’s not acting, he’s a carpenter in Hawaii.

Daniel Bogart
I think I have geeked out at Dan more than just about anyone else. He’s another of my Ballad of Little Jo people, and he came in as Babet/Marius cover in 2001, so of course I started off geeking out over that, then his Marius was utterly brilliant. This was an attempt to get a stage door picture with him where he did not look like a doofus - and yes, this is reasonably successful. (and you can see Michael St. John in the background.)

Charlie Hagerty
I was not happy with the number of unfamiliar names in the post-hiatus cast - I felt several of my friends had been screwed over. Charlie had the difficult task of taking over for Matty Miller as Joly. After one performance, I had a new boy. Charlie is really terrific and terribly sweet, and in the end, I think everyone involved is happy, so I’m not as bitter as I once was. It helps that Charlie is Charlie.

Ma-Anne Dionisio
We were so lucky that Ma-Anne decided to come out and tour - she’s so terrific.

David McDonald
Dork alert again: David McDonald was an utterly brilliant Combeferre in Broadway company when I first saw it in June 1999. Luckily, he’s come out to the tour to fill in as Thénardier for a time, and he was terrific. Slimy little man. The slimier the Thénardier, the better.


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