Les Misérables - Third National Tour
BC/EFA Collection - Chicago, December 2001/January 2002


Graham Rowat and Eddie Brandt
Combeferre and Gavroche

Anne Buelteman
Female ensemble (Madam in “Lovely Ladies”)

Jerry Jay Cranford and Marnie Nicolella
Jean Prouvaire and Rag Lady

Justen Steinagle and Linda Pierson Huff
Gavroche and Factory Girl

Lisa Morris
Swing (on for Ashley Jarrett, Urchin)

Nicole Riding

Daniel Bogart

Amanda Huddleston
Crone (Hair Buyer)

Cathy Newman
Old Woman (Necklace Buyer)

Jerry Jay Cranford and Melina Marie Kalomas
Jean Prouvaire and Madeleine (Young Prostitute)

Jayne Paterson

Dave Hugo
Swing (on for David Michael Felty, Brujon)

Greggory Brandt
Swing (on for Seth Bowling, Lesgles)


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