Les Misérables - Third National Tour
Cleveland - 11 November 2000


Graham Rowat
Graham is one of my favourite actors ever. Tall, handsome, gorgeous baritone, and seems to find it as easy to be comic as to be serious. His Foreman and his Combeferre bore no resemblance to each other. His Combeferre was so perfect it brought me to tears - when Valjean returns from “shooting” Javert, Graham would slam down his rifle in anger and turn his back while everyone else is beating theirs in support. Yet his facial expressions as the first traveler in “Master of the House” never failed to crack me up. Plus he’s loads of fun at the stage door.

Matthew Teague Miller
My Matty. I will always, always love my Matty. He was Joly, utterly adorable, total sweetheart. I first met him the month before, in New Orleans, and this was all so early that I was still excited that the actors remembered who I was, and I think he was still amazed he had a fangirl. I ran his website for a couple years, until he left the business, and I only have good memories of his performances and of working with him.

And a thank you to James Kuklinski’s father for taking these pictures, since it was one of the few times I stage doored the tour alone in those days.


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