Les Misérables - Third National Tour
Washington DC - December 2005


Kevin David Thomas and Ali Ewoldt
Kevin and Ali are both utterly darling. Kevin was Babet; Ali was the Red Urchin until she got promoted to Cosette. I sadly never got to see Kevin as Marius, but Ali’s Cosette was so sweet your teeth hurt, in a good way. Beautiful voice. And Kevin is one of the nicest of the nice theatre people I know. They’re both just utterly darling and I love them both to death.

James Chip Leonard
Chip is one of my favourite Thénardier understudies - he’s like a used car salesman in an orange plaid polyester suit. He’s also one of the actors I adore who I would actually possibly call a friend. Many, many conversations about not-Les Mis things over the years. Love him to death.

Leslie Henstock
Leslie was Cosette, and a very lovely Cosette, too. I adore her voice and will always look forward to what she’s doing next.

Fabio Polanco
The utterly delightful new Thénardier. One of the ones I want to hear Dog Eats Dog from over and over - Fabio gets some deliciously operatic power in there and it’s just gorgeous. And Fabio introduced himself to me rather than the other way around. That was the biggest evidence that I was “famous”. When the new Thénardier introduces himself to you and randomly is chatting about his family, you’re not just a generic fangirl anymore.

Melissa Lyons
Eponine understudy who got promoted to regular. Nice girl. Decent Eponine. But unfortunately one of those Eponine’s that aren’t so incredibly original as for me to have much to say to her at the stage door, which I always felt rather bad about. Because she is nice. And I did enjoy her performance.

Gabriel Kalomas
Gabe’s sister Melina had been with the tour as Madeleine/Fantine understudy a few years ago. I sadly never got to see Melina go on as Fantine, but I did get to see Gabe’s second performance as Thénardier, and he was fantastic. And yet another sign that I was famous - his family is there to see him go on, but he comes straight over to me, addresses me by my screenname, and gives me a hug. Sweet sweet boy, very good as the Bishop (if a little overplayed physically at times trying to mitigate his obvious youth), and just generally an excellent addition to the cast.

Victor Wallace
Vic was the new Enjolras. The incredibly good new Enjolras. The incredibly attractive, incredibly good new Enjolras that I somehow never actually fancied. He had a perfect combination of stage presence, singing power, and beauty that is needed for the character, and I loved his performance and all his little acting details, but I never actually fancied him. Very nice guy that I ended up having several nice conversations with about his performance, Les Mis, and theatre in general. An utterly fantastic addition to the tour.


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