Les Misérables - Third National Tour
Indianapolis - 19 October 2002


Dallyn Bayles and Scott Hunt
Dallyn is so freakin’ brilliant as Enjolras I don't want to let him go (and how many people these days still understand the value of a firm handshake? His parents raised him right.). I thought I'd given up on having absolute favourites. Well, Dallyn made me break that promise. Words cannot describe how perfect he is.
Scott was my first Mark. And I don't remember a thing out of his performance. But in the interests of fairness (and to make up to myself not wanting to like him, because he was filling in for Matty), there is this picture. Scott is actually a better than adequate Joly and an excellent Major Domo. Early “characters” he isn’t as strong in as Matty is, but he really does an excellent job in the ensemble.

Steve Patterson, David Felty, Stella Lee
A request from Amy, Patty’s webmaster. Patty is a dear, darling boy, and a terrific Marius. It took me three months to get used to blond, geeky Marius, but now I adore him, and he will be sorely missed. Blond geeky Marius is a good thing.
Felty is one of the greatest Valjeans ever (I’ve seen him only three times, unfortunately, but I loved every minute of those three times). First time I got a chance to say hi to David (though not as Valjean) since his honeymoon (back in August 2001!).
Stella is Marnie Nicolella’s replacement (I prefer not to think of Dina being in the ensemble), and she’s terrific. No one is Marnie, but with a little more time, Stella has a chance at approaching the level of excellence I alway saw out of Marnie. She just has to start muttering to herself and chewing on flyers *g*.

Ashley Jarrett
Matt wanted a picture with Ashley, so he got one. Ashley is so cute: she can giggle at everything and yet not be annoying. I can’t believe that she is younger than I am.
Onstage, sweet as can be. Still haven’t seen her as Cosette; desperately want to see her and Matty on together (I can’t say it won’t happen because I saw Dan and Amanda twice). Such a cute urchin, too. Tragedy she has one of the shitty ensemble parts (no real lines until Turning).

Joe Mahowald
Matt is taller than Javert. I consider this a scary thing *g*. This was my last time seeing Joe, and it was doubly annoying knowing that Tewks was coming back in just two weeks.
Which is nothing against Joe. Joe is a very good Javert and has toned down the hand gestures a great deal (or else he compares favourably on that score to Jérôme Pradon). It is nice to be rid of the Jekkies, but Joe did well, and after “Anything You Can Do, I Can Do Better”, he will be sorely missed *g*.


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