Les Misérables - London
15 February 2000


Hal Fowler
Hal was a very unique Javert. I mostly remember that he kidney punched Valjean when Valjean was presented to receive his yellow ticket of leave. I can’t call the performance book-based, but it held together within the show and really was rather entertaining. Getting a picture with him had far more to do with my Killing Rasputin obsession (in which Hal got to sing a cabaret song in drag) than with his performance as Javert. I may have shared that I loved his Arnaud in Martin Guerre, because I did, and it seemed more reasonable to mention.

Jason Nolan
Jason was the absolutely adorable Marius understudy I was lucky enough to see. Jason’s performance helped define for me just what an adorable Marius needs to do for me to fully enjoy his performance - descend into bitterness. Most of my favourites since have pretty much snapped out their lines in “Empty Chairs at Empty Tables” and have wanted to know who rescued them from the barricade so they can chastise rather than thank their saviours.


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