Les Misérables - London
2001 Cast


Laura-Michelle Kelly
One of my favourite Eponines. Laura had a very hard edge to her character, a bitterness and a self-hate and an anger that I’ve never seen done so well before. It was absolutely impossible for Marius to tell that she was in love with him from the way she treated him, but Jody took it all so well. Her OMO was a revelation - this absolute anger at herself for admitting that she loves Marius. She was wonderful, and she is missed.

Jody Crosier
Jody is my favourite Marius - he has this perfect combination of upright and dedicated with adorable. It’s strange. It’s like making Stephen Brian Patterson adorable in not a geeky way. I love Jody *g*.

Jason McCann
One of these days, I am going to get a good picture with Jason *g*. I love his barricade work, and he really is a pretty good Enjolras. Blame Raul for the odd cropping and glaring stage door light.

Michael McCarthy
One of the most brilliant Javerts I have ever seen. The man understands his role, he knows how to play it brilliantly, and his little touches are just beautiful. He sets a very high standard, and I love him to death. And have I mentioned he’s freakin’ hilarious when he decides to goof around?

Phil Snowden
The greatest London ensemble guy *g*. Phil was always one of the strong links in this cast, and I’m so glad he’s still around. Brujon doesn’t have enough to do in the ensemble, but I’ve also seen Phil cover the Foreman, and he’s very good at that as well. (proof I don’t just go after the pretty boys *g*)


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