Les Misérables - London
2002 Cast


Jason McCann
Trying again, but really, I seem to have camera problems. This time, we set off the zoom and couldn’t get it back in (this being Vicky’s fault &g&).

Wain Douglas
My dear darling Wain. I absolutely mean that, too. Wain is one of the sweetest guys I have ever met, and definitely one of the most forgiving people I am ever likely to meet. He is such a brilliant Thénardier that he should be the regular, not the understudy. I have never liked “Dog Eats Dog” so much before, and now, hearing anyone else is painful because Wain is so perfect.

Craig Price
My favourite London Enjolras in the time I was there, and one of my all-time favourites. Another first cover who is vastly better than the regular and needs to get promoted. I lived for the weeks Craig would be on, his barricade work was so wonderful. And I was immediately introduced to his mum, and he didn’t say anything when we accidentally ended up on the tube together. (yes, I now have a past with Craig.)

Jérôme Pradon
Jérôme took over for Mike McCarthy when Mike went to Shanghai. Yes, they actually cast Jérôme Pradon as Javert. I was entertained in a good way, though I could never believe he hit the notes. I’d been a huge fan of Jérôme for years, ever since I was able to compare his Marius to his Guillaume, and seeing him in a show was a culmination of many dreams. It proved rather disappointing. Nice guy, but no chemistry. I feel as if something were checked off a list, which is the complete opposite to how I feel about David Bardsley and Matt Cammelle, my other TAC boys. Still, I have the picture *g*.

Iain Davey
My dear darling Iain. I met Iain the night of the gala (aka “Plug those stamps!”), when telling Mona (Paul Monaghan) that the rabid Americans had left. Iain said something like “I don’t have to worry, no one knows who I am.” Which just dared me to reply “Of course I know you, Iain.” This is generally how I pick up ensemble boys. Iain is supposed to be Claquesous, but I’ve seen him cover Courfeyrac and Combeferre, and I was able to catch him on as Grantaire (he was second cover). I do not forgive myself for missing the only three days he was on as Enjolras, however, being that I was back home in the US doing nothing! I miss Iain’s drunk. He was so hilarious as the drunk. I miss Iain in general, actually.

Jennie Dale
The only ensemble girl in London who liked me. One night after the show, she just came up and introduced herself, and she is so sweet. She played the old woman who buys Fantine’s necklace and was very scary about it. Now she understudies Mme Thénardier, and we are very proud that she’s moving up in the world *g*.

Chris Fennessy
Chris, the good Valjean with the cool accent! (Chris is from New Zealand.) When Chris was on, it was worth rejoicing over. He was so much better than HPJ. (And no, that isn’t universal - I’d rather seen HPJ again than have to sit through Peter Karrie, for instance.) A good Courfeyrac, too. Why I always got tongue-tied around Chris, I don’t know, but I always did. Every time I talked to him, I could barely get a coherent word out.

Kieran Brown
I should have spoken to Kieran sooner. Such a dear, sweet boy. I chicken out when it comes to cute ensemble boys much of the time. So Kieran was the one to speak to me first, rather than me speak to him. He leaves, and then comes back to ask me about the status of one of the sites I was affiliated with. I somehow made it through that without turning bright red, which meant perhaps I could speak to Kieran. So, what I had intended to be my last night, I finally speak to the boy. He played Feuilly. He was adorable. He should have understudied Marius. I told him as much. And he was very sweet, and he hugged me. *awwww* On my real last night, a couple nights later (which was spur of the moment), he was the first to kiss my goodbye. *sniff* I miss my London boys.


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