Les Misérables - Third National Tour
Newark - 13 June 2004


Charlie Brady
The other new Charlie post-hiatus. Charlie Brady only stayed with the show for a year, but he was just as terrific as Charlie Hagerty. Charlie Brady was Feuilly/understudy Enjolras, and while I unfortunately did not get to see him go on as Enjolras, he was an absolutely wonderful Feuilly. He proved my taste in Feuillys is that they be good Enjolras covers.

Christopher Mark Peterson
Chris Peterson was with Broadway company for years and came out to the tour a few times to fill in as Enjolras. I had seen him on Broadway in 1999, right when he took over for Stephen Buntrock, and had never been all that impressed. However, he had come out to Newark to fill in for Rob Hunt as Grantaire. And this is what the man should have been doing from the beginning. Or perhaps all those years as Enjolras gave him a good base from which to draw for the other half of the dichotomy, but it was terrific. A real pleasure to watch. Effortless, heartbreaking, and dead-on. If he ever did the role again, I’d be there in a heartbeat.

Michael Kostroff
Kostroff was a trip. I mean that in a good way. Slimy little Thénardier with good comic instincts. But soon after he joined, he found our website and joined us in the chatroom. He was the only actor ever to join us on a regular basis, and it was really rather amusing, though extremely odd at the same time. His whole period with the tour was an experience, to be sure.


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