Les Misérables
Pittsburgh Civic Light Opera - 11 July 2009


Robert Cuccioli
Yes, I fear in musical circles of a certain age, he’s still best known as Jekyll/Hyde in the OBC, but I find I actually adore his Shakespeare work. I’m an idiot for missing Lorenzaccio at Shakespeare Theatre in DC, but his Claudius in the 2007 production of Hamlet for them was amazing. His Javert was fine, but I was really stage dooring so I could tell him how I was blown away by his Claudius.

Kevin Earley
I finally - finally! - got to see Kevin as Enjolras. He had left literally three weeks before I caught back up with the tour in 2000 and began my “stalking” career, so this was my first chance. Nine years late, sadly, but he was just as amazing as I could have hoped. In fact, I rather suspected that, having seen some excellent Enjolratti in the interim, he could not possibly live up to overblown expectations. Except he can. Because he is just that awesome. So awesome I scraped together the money to go back for Into the Woods because it was the only chance to see him in anything again in who knows how long? And he was brilliant in that, too.


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