Les Misérables - Third National Tour
San Jose - 14-16 March 2003


Linda Pierson Huff
Linda is an amazing Fantine. She’s been the Factory Girl and Fantine understudy since I started back with the tour in March 2000. It took me three years to finally see her go on, and she is fantastic. She’s so delicate and fragile that it’s easy to see how the world keeps running over her.

Brian Neal Clark
Brian is our new boy. He replaced Graham Rowat as Combeferre, and though I miss Graham a lot, at times, Brian is an improvement. He’s a generally more withdrawn Combeferre, which sits better with me in terms of the novel and my Combeferre. Plus he’s just a great guy. It’s impossible not to like Brian *g*. I love the boy.

Dallyn Bayles
Dallyn! I had to get a picture alone with Dallyn and with his hat off. Trust me, I wouldn’t love him this much if he didn’t rock so hard as Enjolras. Best I have ever seen, no joke. So much force, such wonderful stage presence, such fantastic interactions with Grantaire and Marius. And my god, what a voice. I really hope I don’t lose track of this one.

John-Andrew Clark
Andy! Technically he’s Dallyn's replacement as Feuilly, but I’ll always think of him as Ben’s replacement. He looks so much like Ben on stage, especially in Master of the House, that it’s really kind of scary. But in a good way, because Andy rocks. He has a good voice and is a terrific actor and I hope to see more out of him.

Stephen Tewksbury
I hadn’t seen Tewks since he stopped playing Enjolras, and he’s a much better Javert than he ever was Enjolras. Which doesn’t mean he was a bad Enjolras, but he had to overcome the physical side and that took him a while. I love Tewks. I’ve missed Tewks so badly.

Matthew Teague Miller
Fifteen months without Matty. There are not words to describe how badly I missed the boy. Gushing is unnecessary here: I ran his freakin’ site! *g*


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