Little Women - National Tour
Sacramento, 2 October 2005


Steve Patterson and Michael Minarik
I went out to Sacramento in order to see Steve (and my friends who live in California). Steve is one of the few of my actorfriends who could be considered a real friend, as in we actually hang out when he’s in town. He was a delightfully dorky Laurie.
This was my first time meeting Michael Minarik, who was also delightfully dorky as John Brook. And a really nice guy, highly entertaining in general. Love him dearly, and this was a great way make his acquaintance.

Steve again
Because who doesn’t need more pictures with Steve? *g*

Andrew Varela and Susan Spencer
Andrew and Susan are married, old Les Mis Broadway people. Varela was a Valjean understudy for years; Susan was a Fantine understudy. With Little Women, Varela was playing Professor Bhaer (and making me wonder if I could get the timing right to write fan fic of the dear man in any of the German revolutions in 1848), and Susan was understudying Jo. I was very lucky to see her go on as Jo and adored her performance.


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