Martin Guerre - National Tour
Detroit, December 1999


Hugh Panaro
Hugh was my first Phantom, which is both good and bad, as he was far more attractive than the Raoul. He was, however, a fantastic Martin. Even if he and Stephen Buntrock looked nothing like each other, their voices blended so beautifully it was almost magical.

Stephen Buntrock and Angela Lockett
This was my first chance to see Buntrock in anything, and he absolutely lived up to expectations. I’m grateful to have seen him in other shows since because he really is a fantastic stage presence with a gorgeous voice. His Arnaud was heartbreaking.
Angela Lockett was Catherine, Bertrande’s friend, in this production, but part of why I wanted a picture with her was that she “originated” the role of Helen in the Toronto production of Jane Eyre (the real original Helen, Jayne Paterson, was unavailable for Toronto but was with all other productions, including the first readings in Kansas). And Angela was lovely.


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