Peggy Sue Got Married
9 October 2001


Paul Peacock
Have I mentioned I have a thing for Feuillys, even those I haven’t seen myself?
Ensemble boy. The cutest of the ensemble boys, playing one of Charlie’s friends and backup singers in the stupid little group they were trying to have. Paul was the supposedly slightly geeky one with the Buddy Holly glasses, but he was always tormenting Gerard Bentall - it was so funny. These are the ensemble boys I like - plus Paul was able to keep accent better than some of the others. And he’s Australian. We like Ozzie boys.

Ruthie Henshall
I never was a huge fan of Ruthie’s, and I’m still not, yet I like all of her work - she’s just not a favourite.
The star of the show herself. Even with all the people at the stage door that night, she immediately recognised me from when I had been there before and began one of those “Hi, how are you?” conversations. I felt so bad asking her for a picture, because the previous time I was there, Tim had been treating me as if I was an old friend, and so it felt strange to suddenly act like the fan. But she was so nice about it - she’s a very sweet woman.

Tim Howar
He looks so Marius-like, doesn’t he? *g*
Tim was the real reason I was at Peggy Sue, but even just a few minutes of Tim is enough to justify the ticket price. The more I talk to him, the more I find I like him as a person as well as an actor, and he is a terrific actor. Michael is a huge departure from Marius, and I was pleased to see some range out of him. But don’t we all sometimes want our own personal beatnik poet? I want Tim playing Michael. “NO MORE JELLO FOR ME, MOM!!!”


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