Phèdre - National Theatre on Tour
Washington, DC - 25 September 2009


Dominic Cooper
Dominic Cooper, in addition to being incredibly hot, has an amazing way with verse. I had no idea what to expect going in to this, but he utterly blew me away. While I bought the ticket in order to see Dame Helen Mirren, the takeway from this production was a need to see Dominic do lots and lots of Shakespeare. Absolutely amazing. And he was sweet enough to stop and sign and take pictures with everyone even though he was on his bike, trying to get home. Very kind of him.

Stanley Townsend
The other utterly amazing takeway from this production. Stanley Townsend's Theseus was perhaps my favourite role in the play - the greatest victim of his wife’s insanity. A strong man who had tried to protect his son his whole life against external violence only for machinations inside the palace to destroy him. Absolutely heartbreaking to watch this man of war collapse in grief.


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