Bridewell Theatre - 18 November 2001


David Bardsley
The whole reason I even went to see Rags (I have an OBC soundboard, and the show had massive flaws). But I have been a huge fan of David Bardsley since the TAC, and I was going to take any chance I could to see this incredibly talented actor. And who would have thought I would get to see him juggle oranges? *g*
Brilliant is an understatement. The man can make the worst lyrics sound deeply moving because he just has a magical way with text. And while it is so easy for Nathan to come across as a complete ass, with David’s interp, I just wanted to hug him. I truly felt sorry for him when he made choices I don’t think he intended. David is such a nice guy, too. What can I say? I love the man.

Alicia Davies
Alicia had the Judy Kuhn role, one half of the young lovers. And she sung and played it so well. Bella gets the title song, and her journey is as important as Rebecca's. Alicia was great, and very kind to me considering I could not figure out where I knew her name from. It hit me after the show closed - Hard Times. She had been Sissy Jupe in Hard Times.

Susan Humphris
Susan was collecting for Crusaid (like BC/EFA) after the show, so I got a pic. Susan was a variety of roles (everyone was, it was a small cast), but most visibly, she was the wife of Avrahm's brother and a trade union organiser (she had a major solo in Bread and Freedom). Very talented cast all around.


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