Broadway - 3 March 2007


Christopher Hanke
Possibly the cutest Mark ever and thus I had to get a picture, even if I was the oldest person at the stage door who was not chaperoning teenage daughters. His Mark just struck me as such an intellectual, a thinker. Really, really enjoyed his character interp.

Tim Howar
Timmy is a major reason I was even there - I hadn’t seen the boy in five years and I really should have gone up sooner, but in the six years since I’d last seen Benny Tour, I was a little shy of returning to Rent at all, partly because of age and partly because Benny Tour closing cast were so incredibly awesome. But I had to see Timmy, and he was an absolute joy to watch. I hadn’t fully realised how much I’d missed the boy until I saw him on stage again. And it was amusing to see him perform for some rather scary Rentheads (one girl grabbed him and kissed him on the cheek because it was her birthday - not even at my craziest would have engaged in that sort of behaviour). He was very sweet to me, and not in his usual performance way, once I reminded him who I was. I’m glad he’s with Ruthie and happy and everything, but I hate that he’s living on the other side of the Atlantic because it means I never get to see him, and he’s the sort of intense performer who is always work seeking out.


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