Shakespeare in Hollywood
Arena Stage, washington, DC - 19 October 2003


First show of my first season at the box office. A friend of mine and I got a little obsessed and stage doored closing.

David Fendig
David Fendig played Dick Powell, and he’s adorkable, and I’ll miss seeing him in the hall coming to change out of Groucho Marx makeup as I’m coming back from the Kreeger box office. Nice guy, always smiled at me or said hello when we saw each other at random times.

Casey Biggs
“I am Oberon, King of the Fairies!” The man has the most gorgeous speaking voice. I’m madly in love with him. Great guy, too. Such a wonderful actor: his Oberon was amazing.

Alice Ripley
Alice Ripley is a great talent, but unfortunately, many of the nuances of her character were cut before the script went into production. She was left playing a controlling blonde bimbo with no redeeming qualities, and that sad.

Maggie Lacey
I will never get to see enough of Maggie Lacey. She’s an absolutely luminous stage presence that I could watch all day. Love, love, love her.


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