South Pacific
Royal National Theatre - December 2001 to April 2002


Nick Holder and Philip Quast
Philip insisted that we take two. The man cracks me up. And seeing him in a show, then meeting him afterwards, is one of the highlights of my theatre-going career. He is truly amazing on stage, and he cracks me up at the stage door. I returned quite a few times, but I didn’t stay to see him again because I know he has had stalker problems before. I really do everything I can to not scare people.
Nick, on the other hand, was my stage door buddy. Nick played Luther Billis, and I thought he was terrific. His character was what finally convinced me I needed to get a copy of Michener’s original book, which led to much sobbing. I can’t thank Nick enough for that. Or for his kindness at the stage door. I miss him.

Lauren Kennedy
A sign of how small the theatre world is - Lauren had toured with Randal Keith in Sunset Boulevard. She was one of two Americans in the cast (the other being Dan Stockton, a swing who is making his career over there). Fantastic Nellie. Believably sweet and a little naive, but not so much that you hated her. Such a sweetheart in real life, too. What a voice. I am now a huge Lauren Kennedy fan.

Trevor Nunn
Yes, I met Trevor Nunn. This was closing night, and someone else stopped him, so I got an autograph and then snapped a picture while he was signing for other people. I was massively in awe of being that close to Trevor Nunn.

Edward Baker-Duly
Now, this picture exists because I needed evidence of the truly freakish resemblence he bears to Peter Krause (whom I know from Sports Night and current stars in Six Feet Under). Edward is a lovely South African boy who played Joe Cable. May I just say that it was rather nice seeing him without a shirt? *g*

Rebecca Vere
Rebecca was my first London Cosette, back in 2000, and I really liked her. She was an active Cosette, not annoying, and truly solicitous of Marius. She also had no little tics that annoyed the crap out of me. So I had to tell her and get a picture with her.


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