Sunday in the Park with George
Broadway Revival - 26 January 2008 and 12 April 2008


Daniel Evans
Absolutely adore Daniel Evans, and this was luckily the second show I had seen him in live. I actually went to London for a weekend in order to see this particular production of Sunday at Menier before the West End transfer was confirmed, much less before the Broadway transfer was confirmed. Beautiful production, and Daniel was a perfect George. An amazing performance, and such a sweet guy at the stage door.

Jenna Russell
Jenna took over for Anna-Jane Casey when AJ couldn’t make the London transfer work out. And this was fine, because Jenna brought something different, and equally good, to the role of Dot. Really beautiful and moving - it made me a fan whereas before, I really only knew her by name (original Martin Guerre closing cast). I saw this production three times and cried every single one.


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