Witches of Eastwick
Closing Night, 27 October 2001


Clarke Peters
Darryl Van Horne himself. Very nice man. He's one of those that you think they hired because he's a name, same as they hired Ian McShane, but he's really quite good. And eager to please all the fans at the stage door -- it was a zoo, obviously, because Witches was huge, in its way, and thus closing was a big deal.

Joanna Riding
Jo is great. Not only is she talented, she has a lot of fun with her fans. She jokes a lot and is just a very sweet person. I'm so glad she's taking over as Eliza in My Fair Lady.

Paul Spicer
Paul is adorable, isn't he? *g* Paul played Michael, Alexandra's son who was in love with Jennifer, Felicia Gabriel's daughter. A very nice boy, I must say.

Rebecca Thornhill
I absolutely loved Rebecca as Sukie -- better than Maria Friedman on the CD. I really wish I could have seen her as Fantine -- she's so sweet, and she looks as if she would have been wonderful. I'm certainly going to keep an eye out for her in the future, and it's rare that I keep an eye on female performers. They usually don't attract my attention, but Rebecca and Jo certainly have.


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