29 October 2011

Update in Galleries and Fiction.

16 September 2011

A few new (overdue) additions to Galleries.

3 September 2011

Updates to Other Projects: “Nonfiction” will now only contain essays useful to fiction research.

4 June 2011

A new update in the Galleries, and a couple new chapters in Fiction.

2 April 2011

A few updates in the Galleries.

1 January 2011

Several fic updates, including new short fics.

4 November 2010

New chapter posted for Corner of the Sky, and photos from the 30 October 2010 Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear added to Galleries.

26 June 2010

Hear Now the Tale of a Jet Black Sunrise is complete.

18 April 2010

Have continued to update Hear Now the Tale of a Jet Black Sunrise and added a new gallery of White House Garden photos.

5 March 2010

Have added a new fic, Hear Now the Tale of a Jet Black Sunrise as well as updated The Keeper of All Mystery.

19 February 2010

Have completed From Childhood’s Hour.

15 January 2010

Added several new fics and have continued to update From Childhood’s Hour.

26 November 2009

Added new fic, The Keeper of All Mystery, and have continued to update From Childhood’s Hour.

27 September 2009

Another new fic added and serious updates to the Galleries.

29 August 2009

Another new fic added.

25 July 2009

One new fic added.

27 June 2009

Several new fics added.

20 May 2009

New chapters of Corner of the Sky and The Blood of the Martyrs, plus several new short prose fics.

14 March 2009

New chapters of Corner of the Sky and The Blood of the Martyrs.

26 January 2009

One new fic.

11 January 2009

A couple new fics have been added.

21 August 2008

Some new pictures in the Galleries and some newish fic in the Fiction section.

12 August 2008

A whole load of new short fic has been uploaded to the Fiction index.

10 August 2008

We are back up and running! After acquiring my own domain (PlaceDauphine.net), I have begun to re-upload everything. Expect new content once I get the site back to how it was three years ago. *facepalm* Seriously, permanent home now, and new fic and tons of pictures to be added.

23 September 2005

Short fic update: Troika is a sweet little Coast of Utopia slash piece in three parts. The first two parts had been posted under different titles, but the last piece is finally up and all three compiled into one fic.

15 July 2005

Happy Bastille Day! (a day late) I have finallyput all the La Révolution française translations up on the correct page.

9 June 2005

A few short fics added, plus a chapter each of The Blood of the Martyrs and Corner of the Sky.

19 February 2005

Added stage door pictures from Grand Hotel to the Galleries.

17 February 2005

Completed Morning of Anguish.

28 November 2004

Added several new LiveJournal Icons.

21 November 2004

Two new fics added.>

25 July 2004

Added several new fics.

26 April 2004

Added a page of LiveJournal icons to the Other Projects section. Additionally, the Translations page is finally open, with the complete libretto to the Les Misérables Original French Concept Album. The old site on Angelfire is now considered closed. Please change your bookmarks.

31 December 2003

Added the first five chapters of Perpetual Anticipation to the Fiction section.

8 October 2003

Part 16 of Corner of the Sky is finally finished. Do not expect more updates soon, I am so busy I could scream.

27 September 2003

Two more research papers have finally been posted in the Other Projects section.

31 May 2003

Two more pages of London pictures are up in Galleries. Also, Part 15 of Corner of the Sky has been posted. (Did I ever suggest updates would be regular? *g*)

2 May 2003

Several updates to the Galleries including the first London pictures I have actually put into a proper page. More updates to come soon, I hope.

9 April 2003

Added a new/old fic: Falcon in the Dive. This is a Scarlet Pimpernel fic started in July 2000, and datable only because it is based on a specific performance of the musical version.

9 March 2003

Added Chapter 6 of The Blood of the Martyrs.

26 February 2003

Added a new fic: Blame It on the Summer Night. Also, more stage door pictures have been posted in the Galleries section.

23 January 2003

Chapter 5 of The Blood of the Martyrs has been posted.

19 January 2003

Part 14 of Corner of the Sky has been posted.

16 January 2003

Les Amis, the classic unfinished epic, has finally been moved over, as has Corner of the Sky. This completes the transfers of the epics.

9 December 2002

Opened Other Projects. More updates to come when I feel like making them.